Terms & Conditions

Terms of use website and Third party links and contents: Taxyucaipa.com website may contain third parties API or its partner/affiliates where we may earn small commission, which does not control such websites and will not be responsible for their contents nor are we responsible for any breach of contract or any intentional or negligent action on the part of such third parties, which results in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you. Taxyucaipa.com website has a link with travel website’s (flightsbnb.com registered and Bonded with IRS, Department of justice of California Attorney General) and it’s our travel products and service and any purchase via that website or verbal offer with agent or recommendation of a vacation packages has nothing to do with any individual tax-return and no obligation what so ever.

Login and registration: If you using our website to upload or download your tax documents, than you are required to register. This process must be established a login ID and password. Your documents are private and it should be secure way to upload and send it to the Tax professional. NOTE: If your filing status is married filing joint (MFJ) You should maintain one login account. For Married filing separate (MFS) than each taxpayer may wish to register separately

Client Privacy: Tax Yucaipa is Registered and authorized DBA tax preparer with IRS and CTEC. We don’t disclose your information to anyone rather than IRS. We are committed to respecting your privacy and we are very serious about it. Taxyucaipa.com domain is embedded with a (SSL)“Security Socket Layer” Once you option to provide personal identifiable information and the web browser may obtained Cookie (any information by which you can be identified), it will only be used to support your customer relationship and for our own internal tax service purposes.

Text/SMS contact and subscribe policy:

Personal Information: Your personal information we do not sell, rent or lease user data.

Sharing telephone or email contact: Your telephone and email contact will only be used during the tax services.

How to start Text/SMS: We will ask verbally or send the customer a first text message to obtain consent before starting communication via SMS. If the customer initiates contact with us first, it will be considered as implied consent. We highly recommend that you do not text your W-2, ID, credit card copy, bank statement, or any documents that may be required for verification purposes.

Phone calls: When you call our office, your call may be monitored or recorded for training and quality assurance purposes.

Consent of receiving email or using virtual contact tools: If you are using our service you consent to send and receiving e mails. During the process of Tax-return service, you don’t have to block or unregister, if you do so it could  be cause of delay or stop services, unless otherwise you chose to no longer receiving our services than must notify to your tax preparer in writing. You are also  agreed the form of communication  could be perform or use  an alternative tools, such as Video conference, cell phone calling, Wi-Fi calling and texting ( some phone services may apply small fees  for receiving text  or using data please verify with your local provider).  NOTE: Virtual tax preparation clients must have access to internet and Wi-Fi or must have an e-mail address, or FAX or smartphone.

Cancelation policy: If your Tax return already submitted via e-file or via regular mail services, there is no way change the filing status or cancellation of submission rather than filing an amendment or if any reason IRS rejected e-Filing, than amendment may  not require but do the simple adjustment and re-submit the tax return without an extra preparer fee or Amendment fee. However if adjustment required to file additional forms  and time consuming then there would be an additional fee . Avoid such situation please make sure you provided all your tax related documents, such as, dependent information, income information, all W-2, all 1099, Rental income, gambling winning etc.

Pricing: Pricing is subject to change anytime without further notice. However if you place a service order and no changes of status, no surprise by new tax documents than we guaranty your price.

Why we don’t publish our prices: Due to our low cost, we don’t want our competitors to know our fees, in other words we would like to keep our pricing between us and our clients. Beside the price card can be carry a wrong message or different interpretation, because it doesn’t represent the value of particular service. Best method to save money? You should give us a call and we will do a free consultation of your tax situation and we will tell you how much it would cost.