Lower Price guaranty. No more surprising no more unfair tax preparation fees. You probably know what we are talking about!!

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Our price is lower than other Tax-preparer company.  Because we don’t have overhead expenses, No big office rental, No Bosses and managers big bonuses and high salaries to pay. Plus we don’t have Games and manipulation tactics. As an example a simple W-2 is unlimited (which mean you can have as many W-2 no extra fees for federal tax return for that tax year and State of California Tax return is free (other tax preparer charge an extra fees for the state of California and we don’t ).

Why we don’t publish our prices: Due to our low cost, we don’t want our competitors to know our fees, in other words we would like to keep our pricing between us and our clients. Beside the price card can be carry a wrong message or different interpretation, because it doesn’t represent the value of particular service. Best method to save money? You should give us a call and we will do a free consultation of your tax situation and we will tell you how much it would cost.