Virtual Tax is convenient way to prepare your tax return professionally by certified tax preparers. Taxpayer will communicate with tax prepare and submit related tax documents Basically its eliminating Tax office visit, no more Driving and waiting time and now it can be done from your own comfort zone such as from your home, while you are in vacation or in the job.

Tax season is the limited time to file individual or business taxes. It’s Start in January till Mid-April without late filing penalty

Recommend 3 to 6 years. But IRS has the power to audit you up to 10 years.

Tax refund is calculated the liability on an individual or household, when tax has paid more than tax liability and combine a refundable tax credits which reduce the tax liability to zero, so the excess tax  amount  refund back to the taxpayers. Tax refund usually takes three weeks or more.

Usually it’s a mandatory duty to file a tax, also it’s based on your minimum income. Your tax is governmental public expenditure which use for various purposes. Failure to pay tax is punishable by law.

Most likely yes, investment income is based in the year it was collected.

There is many reason why you need a professional  licensed  tax preparer. Tax code could be very complex and you might end up with an error and avoid IRS letter.

A: Save money and not risk of making a mistake which could be costly.

B: Also you may not get the right refund and credit. If you claiming less amount of refund, than IRS will not voluntarily refunding you the difference.

C:  Save your time free of hassle and peace of mind. Let your Tax guy take care of your situation.

D: Avoid risk of an Audit.

E: The Tax Professional able to answer all your questions and no need to call the IRS and hold for hours. Beside a Tax preparer are professional and obligated to keep up-to-date with new changes of tax laws in each year, so you don’t have to hassle with it.

F: Tax professional can help you with tax advice and tax saving plans.

Amendment take place when your tax return has error, such as not reporting the correct income or forgot to file 1099 etc. Usually IRS adjust your tax return based on income reported by your employer.  If you agreed with IRS adjustment, than you don’t have to do nothing, otherwise amendment need to be file.

Each year many taxpayer faces identity theft, if that is happened to be you. Than your tax return will be rejected and you may require to file IRS form 14039 to obtain a PIN number. Particular pin number you will be using for each tax return.

It’s a nine digit unique number which known as Federal Employer Identification Number or Tax Identification Number. EIN is purpose to use for Business entity so you don’t have to use social security number, but its tie with your social security anyway.

Yes, you can, there is a  Bank product which allow you to deduct your tax preparation fees from your refund and it has a Bank fee. However it doesn’t expedite refund waiting time (usually three weeks or more).

Because we don’t have overhead expenses, No big office rental, No big bosses and manager bonuses and high salaries to pay. Plus we don’t have Games and manipulation tactics. It’s just a Tax return between you and tax-pro.